Little Deschutes Dachshunds
Debi Ferrante
LaPine, Oregon
I had bred Mini Dachshunds for years outside of Portland Oregon.
Then in 2008 I relocated for work to the Bend Oregon area and was forced to give up my
breeding program.

Well I’m thrilled to say that after 8 years I have bought a home just outside of Bend Oregon
on a little over an acre of land and have re-started my breeding program.  
My Dachshunds are part of my family and live inside with my husband and myself.  
I love the research into Coat, Color and Confirmation and spend endless amounts of time on
the web researching.  I breed for quality and not quantity so don’t always have litters available
but when I do you can rest assured that they are beautiful healthy puppies.
I enjoy a wide variety of dachshunds and find the unique personalities a blessing.