I list all puppy prices with a limited registration but will sell full registration to approved buyer for an additional cost.  Puppies that are paid for
using PayPal will have a 3% fee in addition to cost. I do understand the frustration of trying to start a good breeding program and no one will sell you
a quality puppy with full registration. I have spent endless hours researching pedigrees and calling on puppies just to be told that I can’t buy a full
registration.  So I would ask myself how can I be a responsible breeder if I can’t buy a puppy with an exceptional pedigree and great confirmation.

You must understand that a lot of time and money goes into showing and building a line with great temperament and confirmation. So reputable
breeders are skeptical and want to be sure that their puppies are going to a dedicated breeder that will continue the line. So don't give up if you are
dedicated to this breed a respectful breeder will work with you.
Little Deschutes Dachshunds
Debi Ferrante
LaPine, Oregon

DEPOSIT   $300.00
deposits are